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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are Located just off Strand Street in King’s Alley, Christiansted.

What are your hours?

Monday to Saturday 10-5pm, Closed Sunday

How can I contact you? 

You can email us at or call us 321.438.3012

What is your return policy? 

We accept returns of Full Priced/undamaged/unworn merchandise within 7-10 days of your original purchase for an 100% refund minus shipping. All returned item postage is paid by the purchaser.

Can you ship my purchase? 

Absolutely! We utilize US Postal Service, usually Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. The minimum shipping fee starts at $9.45. 


How to Care For Your New Jewelry: 

Always keep in mind that you now own a piece of sea glass jewelry, handle with care, it's glass after all! Do not wear your jewelry while swimming, showering, hiking, playing sports, sleeping, etc. When not in use, please keep your jewelry in a protective case or jewelry box. Some metals used (such as copper or sterling silver) may oxidize over time. You can use jewelry cleaning cloths to clean your jewelry, although this may remove the patina on some pieces if cleaned too often or too much at one time.

What is Seaglass? 

Sea Glass is glass from old discarded bottles from years ago when bottles were discarded in dumps or from ships or shipwrecks.

After many years (often 50-100 years), the broken glass is now smoothed and polished naturally from exposure to the tides, sand and gravel.

What is Chaney? 

Chaney pieces date primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries when St. Croix was economically peaking with sugar cane plantations across the island. Great houses were filled with lavish furnishings and imported fine china. But following hurricanes, earthquakes and a massive fire, the china was shattered and scattered across plantation grounds and into the ocean. St. Croix children would find the shards and use them as play money, or china money, which led to the current term chaney.

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